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What is Kratom? 

In the simplest sense, Kratom is an evergreen tree that grows natively in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other parts of South-East Asia. The tree has been used for hundreds if not over 1,000 years by the native and indigenous peoples of SE Asia to aid their lives in many ways. Tradition is held strongly regarding fresh organic kratom. The workers in the farms and villages would pick kratom leaves (Mitragyna Speciosa) and chew on the leaves in a similar fashion as chewing tobacco. Allowing the active chemicals in the plant to absorb sublingually through the mouth and bring on feelings of mild euphoria, elevated mood and emotions, more energy than coffee but without the downsides and crash afterwards. ''

There is nothing in the world yet discovered that is as remarkable in its pharmacology as kratom! In the last 12-15 years,  understanding about the plant has evolved dramatically with science and medical professionals around the world studying the plant for it's amazing properties!

From the early days in the USA when the DEA and FDA tried to outright ban the plant out of fear and false information, to now the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), HHS (US Department of Health and Human Services), NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse), and the WHO (World Health Organization) have stated clearly that there is no significant data that shows that Kratom is a danger to the public and that the ramblings of the FDA who call it a dangerous drug is simply false! These organizations have all come to the conclusion that more research must be done and that in the meantime, Kratom should be accessible to responsible ADULTS who are seeking the medicinal benefits of this plant!


The kratom we sell here at Laughing Lion has been chosen for its purity, strength, and its continual passage of all safety lab tests (including heavy metals, microbiological, identity, and more). We have worked for over 9 years to create a brand that you can trust and know will always be unadulterated and pure in every sense of the word! Our kratom illuminates the mind, invigorates the body, and relieves the frustrations and difficulties the world brings to our emotions and minds on a daily basis. 

Kratom is said to be a miracle for many people with its effects ranging from mild stimulation like a cup of coffee (without the crash after) to a way to deal with stress and negative emotions more effectively. Many folks use it when their bodies do not feel normal and they experience even debilitating pain and suffering. (note we are not claiming any medical effects here, just sharing what kinds of people use kratom. ALWAYS consult a doctor before taking any natural supplement like Kratom, Kava, or CBD)

To learn more, visit our "What Is Kratom" page!

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