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History of Kava

Kava (scientific name ) is an indigenous root plant that grows in the Pacific Islands including Fiji, Hawaii, and others. Traditionally and into the modern age it has been used before important religious rituals, formal gatherings, family ceremonies, and other important events. The main idea behind this tradition is to help the people who gather to start a conversation easier and feel much calmer than they usually are. 

Used for over 3 millennia, Kava kava (as it is sometimes called) is an incredible herb with thousands of years of safety in its use world-wide. The negative information about Kava in the market today has primarily come from poorly produced kava because the above-ground part of the plant is toxic in large amounts and the tap-root also known as Tudei Root is often used in cheap Chinese extracts which can cause liver distress in heavy regular use.


Laughing Lion only uses Organic, cGMP and Lab Tested Kava products that are Nobel Lateral Root only! (These exclude the Tudei root)

"Kava is consumed for its sedating effects throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, including Hawaii, Vanuatu, Melanesia, some parts of Micronesia, such as Pohnpei and Kosrae, and the Philippines." (source Wikipedia) 

Many people over the ages have used kava kava for anxiety. In reality, Kava has been proven to show many health benefits to people by reducing out of control thoughts and acting as a social lubricant. 


Want to slow your alcohol consumption? Are you Sober Curious? Or do you long for the calming effect of a nice cocktail but don't want the cost or the risk to your motor function etc?

You should NEVER combine Alcohol and Kava together as they interact with similar parts of the brain and you will want to speak to a doctor before any combination (Just don't do it!)


However, we have found that many people find Kava to be an excellent substitute beverage to alcoholic drinks 


Kava traditionally is made by chopping up the roots, placing the bits in the mouth, chewing for a time and then spitting into a bowl with water kneading it for a while, and then straining out the root and drinking the resulting "brew". 

This is pretty repulsive to most Westerners! But you can replicate the same method at home using a blender or a kava strainer bag! LEARN HOW HERE

Kava is also often prepared into a tea with brands like Yogi Kava Tea but this method is very low in efficacy but can help some people with mild relaxation effects. If you want a true Kava experience you will want to use the traditional method or look into options such as Instant and Extracts. 

INSTANT Kava, at least the proper real kava is not root powder micronized into tiny particles (we strongly discourage using these types of products as they can be hard on your digestive system and possibly liver)  Instant Kava is available here at Laughing Lion and it is certified water extracted Kava powder! That means that traditional kava brew is prepared in batches and then dehydrated to a powder. While not the cheapest method, this particular product is phenomenal before bed in higher amounts and in lower amounts, relaxing and chill comes over you after drinking the pleasant tasting brew when you mix with your favorite juice or even water. 

EXTRACT Kava contains 30% Kavalactones and is made here in the USA by certified GMP labs using the solvent-free C02 Super-Critical Extraction method. This produces the cleanest possible powder that has a balanced Kavalactone profile and will hit fast and intensely with the right dose. 

The effect of kava extract has sometimes been called a "Kava High". We would argue that Kava is the cleanest way to get a mind altering experience without the risk of illicit drugs or abusing pharmaceuticals. We don't call it a high because that term is so often associated with negative situations but it does have a unique and pronounced effect that is so enjoyable and so relaxing at the same time. 

To learn more about the science of Kava, chemotypes, dosing etc, visit our Blog for more posts and great information! 

Indigenous Fijians men participate in traditional Kava Ceremony in Fiji. The consumption o

Traditional Fijian Kava Experience

Quality Kava For Sale

Laughing Lion Herbs has Kava for sale in the best selection of formulations on the market! We have selected only the best natural ingredients including Borogu Kava, which offers superior taste, kavalactone levels, and consistent result through our lab testing process.

Kava is becoming an increasingly popular beverage across the nation. There is even a Kava Den in Colorado Springs, and it is a must-visit place for any Kava fan! Kava is also great for its use at home, and can be mixed with any hot or cold drink of your choice!

We never use low-quality Kava that is often found with imported products and formulations. Our commitment to only using the best products ensures our customers are always happy with their Kava products!

Formulation Options

Whatever your goals may be, Laughing Lion Herbs provides you with a wide variety of high-quality Kava products! Our Kava capsules are popular and easy to add to your wellness regime. The Kava shots or Kavalixir are ideal for consuming on the go.

We also offer Kava root powder formulations with the Alu ball and shaker sets for easy mixing. Our customers can also order a reusable Kava strainer bag, which is an environmentally friendly option for both Kava powder as well as other loose-leaf teas or tisanes.

At Laughing Lion Herbs we offer our own Kava and Kratom products. We also offer other products like Kratom to promote general wellness and relaxation!

For questions or assistance with your order, contact Laughing Lion Herbs at 888-895-7286.

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