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Laughing Lion Herbs is dedicated to exceeding all of our customer's expectations of quality and service by building lifelong relationships through the intentionality of integrity and respect and by caring for each and every one as our own family.


I started Laughing Lion Herbs early in 2015. After spending 15 years in the IT and Technology Industry, I had finally found something I was passionate about! Natural Herbs! Kratom in particular held a very special interest for me and as someone who had started multiple companies in the past, I had the mindset to start this company. When I first started, I was working out of my garage. Importing 20 kilos here, 10 kilos there, trying to make enough money to reinvest into larger imports. And after about 15 months of doing this myself with help from my wife, I began our wholesale segment. The company quickly outgrew the 600 sq ft office space we were renting at the time. As we searched for a suitable facility, I brought on 4 staff members to help handle the workload. ​

I learned a lot in those first 2 years--many harsh realities that weren't kind to my stress levels either. But as we grew, I also grew more confident that my passion and desires were coming to fruition. 2 years ago most prices ranged from $250-$450 per kilo. And when I found out what the cost was to import I felt it my duty to help bring Kratom to all income levels without sacrificing quality.​

Today we are located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado nestled up against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. At over 6,000 ft in elevation, it truly is a mountain city! One of the reasons we are so successful today is because of the low humidity in our air allowing the storage of dry kratom powder to be much easier than in other climates. ​

More importantly, we implemented many of the cGMP policies and procedures to ensure that our handling, processing, and packaging of all of our products meet the highest standards in cleanliness and safety. All of our equipment is high-end professional units made of Stainless Steel and GMP compliant. We never touch any product with our bare hands--we use non-latex gloves, appropriate clothing and coverings, hair nets, face masks, and much more. We want to ensure that every single package we ship out is just as pure and clean as when it arrived in our facility!​

And even with all these procedures and equipment in place, there is no way to guarantee 100% purity of any product. As with any natural substance, it is harvested in wild forests and farms and thus there will be some natural variations from batch to batch. But after spending countless hours developing relationships with our vendors, I am confident that we have access to the best of the best--and take pride in our track record of consistency. ​

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. It's really about every person who has contributed to this business and that includes every single one of you! We couldn't have gotten this far without our "family" as we like to call you! You are the reason we get up every single day to continue giving our best efforts to bring you the quality you want and deserve!​





Matthew and Melissa are co-owners and founders of Laughing Lion. Melissa spend much of her time caring for our children but takes part in decision-making. Having her clear insight and uncommon wisdom has really aided our company in its growth over the years. Melissa is our Executive Vice-President and loves to plan our company parties and provide a personal touch to our communications with her skilled writing ability. 

Matthew is our full-time CEO and develops the technology used by the company. In addition to leading the company, he has a heart to see people find freedom from bondage and his goal is to utilize Laughing Lion as a company who blesses everyone who comes into contact with it. He is also our chief formulator and works closely with our Chief Operations Officer to formulate our ever-expanding list of incredible natural products. 

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